Is Former NMG CEO Linus Gitahi Dating Sheila Mwanyigah?

Neighbours of former NTV presenter are curious if the former CEO of the group, Linus Gitahi is dating screen siren, Sheilah Mwanyigha.

Linus is regularly spotted trying to sneak into Sheila’s residence along Parklands road at odd hours. Linus is a regular at the place, sneaking in at midday and leaving at around 6 or 7pm. On a few occasions, he has been spotted leaving the place in the morning.

If the two are lovers, it might have originated from the time Linus Gitahi was at NTV and he might have given her the job knowing that he was dating her or the relationship started after the musician joined NMG as a radio presenter.

Sheila Mwanyigah

Sheila is one of the most talented media personalities in the country. She previously dated rapper Prezzo who has confessed that he has never gotten over her.

Sheila is known to love sharing her “good life” with fans through her social media pages, mostly Instagram. She is seen once in a while going to the studio to record music which is known not to pay much.

Friends and former colleagues wonder how she maintains her expensive lifestyle. LG seems to take care of her.

Must women really sleep their way up the ladder? Caroline Mutoko joined and has managed to stay at Radio Africa for long because of who she is sleeping, Julie Gichuru too and now Sheila Mwanyigha. Like Nyakundih says, Boy Child is disadvantaged just because he is not willing to drop ngothas for a step up the ladder.

Otek ateka chuth!!

One of the loudest of voices in the media who frequently dishes controversial, shallow and unsolicited relationships advice is Njoki Chege. She has been known to sleep with Mutuma Mathiu and Mugumo Munene. She confessed to one of her friends at NMG that Mutuma’s pockets were deep but Mugumo’s Omieri was long.

The fact that Linus Gitahi has been sleeping with his employees to give them favours should raise questions on the character of CEOs of blue chips in the country.

Bob Collymore is widely known by former and current staff of Safaricom as someone who loved the skirt and more. But since he is so powerful and influential in the country, nobody has been able to hold him to task.

Another randy fellow is Linus Kaikai who has been known to date at least 3 female colleagues at any one given time.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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