Former News Anchor Angered By Newscafe’s ‘No Local Channels’ Policy

Joy Doreen
Joy Doreen

Former news anchor Joy Doreen Biira has called out famous News Cafe restaurants policies on local channels.

According to her post she was appalled when she went to a news cafe restaurant for breakfast, She requested for them to put on a local channel so that she can catch up on the latest news update but was told that it is not possible because they have a no local channel policy. The TV at the restaurant was showing a horse riding interview which she was not interested in.

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She was told that the cafe provided free wi fi so that she could watch whatever it is she wanted to watch. This she said was explained to her by the manager.

The former news anchorquestioned whether the customers would have to wait for the international news stations to show current happenings in Kenya in order to be aware of the latest news. She cited the West Gate attack as the case in point.

Here is what the anchor had to say:

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