Former Journalist Moses Dola Found Guilty Of Killing His Wife Wambui Kabiru

Moses Dola
Moses Dola

Journalist Moses Dola have been found guilty of manslaughter for causing the death of his wife Wambui Kabiru.

Dola, on his own admission told the court that he did not intend to kill his wife and he was sorry that it happened. The court established that the accused person was responsible for the death of the former NTV journalist.

High court judge Roselyn Korir said that Moses Dola was the stronger party in the fight that led to the death of Wambui Kabiru.

In May 2017, Moses Dola recounted to the court the events of the fateful day saying that it was as a result of high volume on the radio.

“She asked me, ‘Does it mean when you wake up everyone else should?’ She then woke up and unplugged the radio,” said the father of two.

Wambui then unplugged the radio an act which angered the accused person. He said he left the bedroom and went to pick their two year old son but his wife told him to leave the child alone.

“I decided to leave the bedroom because it was approaching 7.30. I went to pick our son from his cot, but Wambui, who by that time was seated on the bed trimming her dreadlocks, shouted and told me to leave the baby alone.”

He said that his wife then charged at him with a pair of scissors and he he even got a cut as result. They tackled and he fell on the bed.

“I blocked her, but she kept coming at me, and the scissors pricked my thumb. She came again and that’s when I tackled her and we fell on the bed. I did not expect Wambui’s injury to have a big effect. Since I was temperamental at the time, I left Wambui in the bedroom and went to my brother-in-law’s place, where we drank alcohol. In my mind, I was giving Wambui time to cool down,” he added.

He said when he came back he found his wife laying on the bed motionless. He informed his wife’s mother as well as hi and left. He found himself in Nakuru and could not recall how got there. He gave himself at a Naivasha police station, three days after the incident.

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The prosecution asked the court not to give the accused person a non custodial sentence. They said that Wambui died young and left a small child.

Written by Merxcine Cush

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