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Florence Soila Ngossor: How I Met and Became President Moi’s Lover

Former President Daniel Arap Moi [Photo/Courtesy]

By Florence Soila Ngossor

I was working in lands office the year 1985-1990 where I was posted to Commissioner of Lands office J.R Njenga.

Moi had a lot of interest in Lands office by allocating government land to garner support, he talked to me every other day on working days and if he wanted something to do with lands office I used to take it to his Kabarnet Garden private residence.

During 1990 Moi had a lot of pressure after Robert Ouko’s death and multi-party politics was also disturbing him and thus he told me that he feels better when I am close to him. He did sign for me several allocations for government land.

He kept on telling me that Ouko’s death will make Luos and Kikuyus bring down his government so I needed to give relaxation to him. He wanted me to leave my husband so that I could see him any time he wanted me. I told him I could not support my children without my husband, he promised to give me support and to prove that he was serious he signed on the allocation of 10 acres in Kilimani area Nairobi LR No. 209/11601.

I later disposed of the plot for 18 million.

Moi told me that Mrs Mary Martin who was Moi’s home manager at Kabarnet Garden’s residence will bring buyer called International Bible Students Association and that I give her 10% share in Anglessey Developers Limited for her not to talk.

Moi told me also to give the director of City Planning Mr Kuria wa Gathoni 2.5 million but for the then town clerk Mrs Zipporah Wander, Moi was going to talk to her personally.

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This is because the plot had a court order from parent association of Kilimani Primary led by Prof Kivutha Kibwana and Mrs Jael Mbogo who was working for Jaramogi Odinga that time.
Despite the court order Moi bulldozed the commissioner Mr Gachanja to issue a title to Anglessey Limited than draw an informal transfer to International Bible Student Association disregarding the court order as he was above the law.

But the area councilor Mr S.K Maina politicize the issue in the media and assisted the parents association to move to court suing commissioner of lands.

Moi called the chief justice in my presence in the evening and told him to make sure the application by the parent association was dismissed.

He also told me S.K Maina, the ward councillor was playing with fire and he will get fire.

He gave me three more plots along Mombasa Road, Nairobi, a farm in Olkalau, Nyahururu.
He gave me 4.2 million Ksh to take to his son Phillip Moi to sell me a Mercedes Benz KAD 253T, sky blue colour.

I called Phillip Moi who directed me to pay the monies to Tripple A Motors along Koinange Street to man called Kassam.

Earlier Moi had bought a red Mercedes KAC 429A Nov. 1991 bought from my brother-in-law who had returned from working for foreign mission in Sweden.

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Moi made me in-charge of his dressing. I was shopping for his suits, ties, shoes, innerwear etc. in Italy Roma. I even arranged and brought the world top designer Brioni to Kenya in March 1995 to take Moi’s measurement and make sure hard made suits for him.

1995 March we went by road to Arusha for the East Africa community meeting. My vehicle KAD 253T was in the president’s convoy. We spent a night in Nova Hotel, Arusha and came back by road together.

Florence Soila Ngossor

From 1996 he told me to be attending his public rally meetings so that the world can know that I was his sweetheart and thus my husband can get the message right and clear. He was even ready to reward him with a big job in one of the government parastatals if he became a good boy.

My husband started realizing that there was something between me and Moi and he threatened me with divorce if his investigation proved positive.

On June 15th, 1997 the budget day I did attend the party at parliament building at the invitation of the president the previous day at Kabarnet Gardens. On 16th June 1997 I attended Moi’s rally in Makueni. Throughout I was in the president’s convoy. On 20th June 1997 I was with Moi in a rally at Gilgil. On 31st June 1997, I was with Moi in a rally in Eldoret, I spent the night in state lodge Eldoret, with him.

The following day, I came back to Nairobi by that time I had already been given bodyguard from the president escort, GSU men. Two of the bodyguard Ibrahim Dotty and Delamea lived with Moi at his private Kibera residence GSU camp but Theupherus Taiyan lived in Ruiru camp.

The three bodyguards were to take care of my security every day at the instruction of president Moi.

On July 8th, 1997 I was with the President at Kiambu.

On Wednesday July 9th Mr Joshua Kulei, the president personal assistant called me and told me to sleep with him also so that he could protect me from “manyang’ao” close to the president and also teach me how to survive as the president lover.

He threatened that if I don’t sleep with him he was going to tell my husband everything. I told him NO but told me to think about it or he will declare war on me.

On Sunday 13th July 1997 I went to AIC church Milimani with Moi. During the church service Kulei kept on looking and winking to me while smiling.

After church, I was with Moi in his private residence Kibera and slept together. When I went back to my house my husband threw me out and threatened to expose the whole issue to the media house.

He told me that Mr. Kulei had told him everything.

I was out of my matrimonial home with my two daughters. Moi rented for me a two bedroomed flat in Kileleshwa and give me security at the gate, even all my neighbours were happy that they were being guarded by GSU.

Meanwhile Kulei kept meeting with my husband to plan how to destroy me and remove me from Moi. He also called me and told me that unless I slept with him like other Moi’s girlfriends did he will make sure Moi will never see me.

In November 1997 I got another boyfriend Polycap Otieno Oyugi but three weeks later Moi discovered it. He warned me very seriously to stop or his man Noah Tanui will work on him.

In December 1997 Moi told me I told you to stop seeing that uncircumcised ‘Jaluo’ spy ya Raila na wewe hapana sikiyaa sasa yeye kakwisha. A few days later Oyugi was shot dead . Oyugi was a younger brother of Prof.Edward Oyugi.

Mr. Kulei and Dr. Sally Kosgey who was also one of Moi’s girlfriends threatened to kill me and my daughters if I did not stop seeing Moi.

I panicked and sold my Mercedes Benz and ran away with my children to South Africa and thus my children went without education for one year as we were in exile.

The same year July 1997 Mutula Kilonzo, Moi’s personal lawyer acted for me in my divorce case with my husband Chege.

In December 1997, Kulei threatened me that he will tell Moi that I have been sleeping with Tom Ole Surum secretly if I continue to refuse to be his girlfriend. Ole Surum came and told me that Kulei is making a lot of fitina kwa Moi against him.

Ole Surum died on a mysterious road accident in early 1998.

I called Moi from South Africa in September 1998 requesting me to come back since the dust had settled.

I came back in October but he did not see me until early 1999. When I met Moi somewhere in late January he told me he wanted to meet my parents so that we could plan how to defeat Chege because now he was ready to marry me. According to the Maasai culture, it was difficult for me to tell my parent so we agreed with Moi we bring in my maternal uncle pro. Ole Maloi. I gave Moi my uncle’s telephone number he called and asked him to come see him alone at the statehouse Nairobi the following day.

My uncle rewarded with an appointment to head the National Museum of Kenya. Moi asked him to bring my parents to state house Nairobi.

Prof. Maloi took my mother and father to state house Nairobi on 6th February 1999 they held a meeting of 1 ½ hours with Moi.

My uncles and my parents did not tell me much about what they discussed with Moi but I learned that Moi summoned Brig. Boinett the Director of National Security Intelligence service.

Sometime in February, my father told me Boinett had called him I go see him with Mrs. Mary Chepkurui Martin, Moi’s manager at Kabarnet private residence.

I remember at 3. pm I and Mrs. Martin went to see Brig. Boinett at his Nyati house office along Loita street.

We found Boinett with his two officers a Mr. Ochieng and Mr. Bosire.

Boinett told me that Mzee wanted to assist me and I should tell his two officers about my life history.

Boinett called me one day and told me I go see Mr. Kaguthi P.S office of the president and write a letter to the P.S to be employed in the Civil Service again and posted to Norway as Immigration Officer.

Boinett’s personal assistant told me that Moi had instructed Boinett to open an account for me in Norway. I also learned from Ochieng that people close to Moi did not want me dead like me and so they had arranged for me to be moved from Kenya to Norway.

Isaac told me that it was Joshua Kulei and Dr. Sally Kosgey then the P.S foreign affairs.
Isaac told me Moi would deposit Ksh 50 million to the Norway account.

Isaac and Ochieng told me that Boinett had my diplomatic passport ready and Isaac was to escort me and the children to Norway.

I was never taken to Norway, they just kept quiet.

On 4th November 2000, Moi’s secretary Mrs. Judy Maloba sneaked me to see Moi in statehouse Nairobi.

Moi was so happy that he hugged me from the door and laid me right on the carpet and made love to me furiously asking me Maasai umepotelea wapi.

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This showed me that Moi loved me but his aides were blocking me from seeing him.

He gave me 500,000 (Half a million ) and asked me to help him finish Saitoti by combining forces with Ole Muyaa.

When I left statehouse, Kulei and Dr. Sally Kosgey threatened Mrs. Maloba.

Afterward, strange men in strange vehicles (Daewoo cars) were trailing everywhere I went.
Kulei even threatened my spiritual mother who lived in Kawangware.

Her name is sister Beatrice and Kulei went to her house and even gave her his direct line and told her not to assist me with prayer or charms juju which made Moi love me.

Kulei promised to assist her financially if she stopped associating with me.

Kulei bribed my brother Emmanuel Olemuyak Ngossor who was in the army 50 calvary Embakasi to poison me.

My brother called me one day to Serena Hotel where he had already ordered me a soda which I took. I started feeling weak and dizzy.

Meanwhile, my brother was telling me Kulei told him that I was mentally sick and I needed to be treated by Dr. Kingwa who had already been paid by Kulei and my brother even before examining me.

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I refused and ran away to Ngong Road.

I passed out at my friend’s on Ngong road Mrs Terry Ndungu and was rushed by the son Wanderi to Nairobi Hospital.

When I woke up, I learned that my spiritual mother’s car had been spread with bullets that Saturday night near the JKIA resort club, on her way from a crusade in Kisumu.

She survived.

Later Boinett sent June Moi to take sister Beatrice to his office in Nyati House and she was told not to relate with me as she was giving charms to make Moi crazy of me.

In March 2003, I went to say pole to Moi after Kanu had lost elections.

I went together with Moi’s niece Gracier Shigoli at Kabarnet gardens he gave me 100,000 Ksh.
In April I went to see him together with Bishop Arthur Kitonga of Redeemed Gospel Church.

I asked him to compensate me for the time lost, loss of my job in civil service, loss of husband and social goodwill.

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He asked me what I wanted and I told him 50,000,000 (million). This is the amount Isaac Ochieng’ had told me Moi was to deposit in so-called Norway account.

He said he owed me nothing.

The next day I got a call from Kulei who threatened me and I reported this matter to the commissioner of Police (Mr. Edwin Nyaseda). Moi’s relative later told me that he overheard Moi and Kulei discuss me and that Kulei told Moi they either pay me or kill me because I was dangerous woman.

Joshua Kulei is currently suffering from cancer and HIV-AIDS while he has taken away my 100 acres of land which I will fight for to the bitter end.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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