How Five Kenyans Recruited For Terror Group ISIS Via Eastleigh Office Ended Up As Slaves In Libya

The allure for quick money and religious propaganda of fighting for Jihad lured five young Kenyans who without much thought signed up for a Libya based trafficking syndicated.
The flagrant syndicate identified as The Magafe Network works through an elaborate route with one of its offices allegedly holed up in Eastleigh.
The Magafe Network is headed by a man known as Magafe -a Somali word which literally means ‘the one who never misses.’
Magafe is Libyan warlord who has made a business out of kidnapping poor immigrants heading to Europe via the Sahara desert, a business that has grown so huge that it is said that he has a fleet of 4×4 vehicles, horses and even camels specifically bought to patrol the expansive Libyan Desert in search of immigrants.
They now source slaves for business from gullible youth across Africa lured by pretext of employment.

He commands dozens of battle hardened-Tuareg militias who fought for the fallen Libyan President Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and who are inhabitants of the desert themselves giving him an edge over the immigrants as his foot soldiers know every hiding place in the desert including the entire oasis where travelers rest during the hot humid day, which is the only location you can find a well or water source which in the desert means survival or death.

With hopes of  a better life and an even more promising tomorrow, that the Country has largely failed to until on its young generation, the five according to a report by The Standard left Nairobi and headed to Busia by road. They then crossed over to Uganda and headed to Juba in South Sudan via Kampala before heading to Khartoum and eventually making it to Libya.
However,the five could not cope up with the military and overboard training one undergoes before qualifying to be a member of the terror group forcing their trainers to sell them to the slave market.
Reports from International Organization for Migration as well as several UN agencies say that pregnant women and young, energetic men fetche the best of prices in the slave markets.
A slave sold can serve not only a family but an entire neighborhood with little food and when one gets weak, they are sold at a cheaper price or left to die.
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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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