Firefox 5.0 Released, Key Strong Points Highlighted

It seems like we just had our Firefox 4 yesterday. But the legion of developers behind the Firefox are not resting. The Gecko based Firefox engine looks to be faster than IE9 and Chrome in the 5.0 released yesterday. Before we tell you how good it is, check it out here and then read on.

Some of the key features in the new Firefox 5.0 are;

Improved Privacy – The browser will be able to let you choose how you want it to track your browsing. Firefox 5 also has the Do Not track feature in both the Android and the desktop versions.

Bookmarking – Improved bookmarking to help you unclutter the ever increasing cool web links you like. When you see a website you would like to bookmark, you need just double click on the star and then you can have the bookmarks as tags instead. You will also be able to access your bookmarks through the address bar by just typing the keyword which is the tag.

Very Fast – Firefox 5 is faster as per the experience from Digitzor. They ran a test using some benchmarks and Firefox beat both Chrome and IE9. It is said that even with close to 30 tabs open, the browser still remained fast.

What do you think of Firefox 5?

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