Feminists Lynch Tony Mochama for Allegedly Groping Poet Shailja Patel

Shailja Patel

Kenyan feminists are a pathetic lot. They are worse than the lynch pins who kill grannys in Kisii for looking like witches. The Kenyan feminist will imagine what they can accuse any man they would want to finish and immediately descend upon him with all manner of virtual weapons.

Social media is now their forte and most men being sex starved or desperate to appeal to this domineering community of sexists, will just watch or also instantly condemn you to death for having being convicted of sexual assault. In most instances, the complainant owns the prosecutor and judge who are all arm-chair professionals in their forte.

Tony Mochama

Today, the victim this time is Tony Mochama. Whatever he did, he has rights which must be respected by the others who wish that their victim friend also get her rights. Only a court of law can pronounce him guilty or otherwise.

Apparently Tony Mochama was at Story Moja Festival and so was the paling sexual activist, Shailja Patel. Tony then went to the house of Wambui Mwangi where he found Shailja Patel. Tony allegedly groped Shailja Patel (renowned poet and sexist) several times in the house where some poets were meeting.

Tony denies this.

Mochama Response

The allegations were first brought online through the Kenyan Writers Google group where Tony, Shailja and Wambui are members. Kenne Mwikya then took the allegations online through Twitter alleging all manner of things and proceeding to pronounce judgement on Tony.

Not that it is impossible that it happened or that we believe Tony, but victims and suspects have rights. The only legal arbiter in such cases is our own police service. You initiate the process by reporting to the police where they have even the gender office. Shailja being the victim knows every well that she can get even free support to hold Tony to account. Going for her desperate apologists to lynch Tony and she launch her struggling female activism career is a cheap-shot. We must stand even against the marauding rabid sexists.

Tony is not alone. Male folk came to support him.

Post by Oduor Jagero.

Our own President and Deputy are suspects at the ICC in a case where sexual assault is said to have been used as a weapon in the 2007/8 Post-Election Violence.

Shailja has not commented on this since when the allegations came online but she seems to be using Kenne Mwikya (homosexual activist) and Wambui Mwangi (another sexist) to further her career. This is something which no sane person should tolerate. We must follow the due process. Today it is Tony, tomorrow it is you.

Written by Robert

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