FBI Agrees With KDF Over Westgate

Now everybody knows what happened at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi in 2013. The Kenya Defence Forces which has been variously accused of incompetence and looting during the crisis, released a report which many pundits did not agree with. The FBI released a report yesterday where the Bureau talked to its legal attaché based in Nairobi.

In the interview, FBI Legal attaché in Nairobi Dennis Brady say that more than 80 FBI officers were involved in the Westgate crisis to support the Kenyans. The FBI’s role was to facilitate, enable, and assist the Kenyan investigation and prosecution.

In the interview, the FBI agent claim that

  • Furniture caught fire as the attackers were hiding in Nakumatt where the furnishings were.
  • The full network of the attackers has not been identified
  • Four gunmen who attacked the mall were killed. FBI doesn’t believe that any of them escaped.
  • Kenyan security set up a very secure perimeter around the mall so escape was not possible.
  • FBI is proud of how Kenyan authorities handled the crisis

Very interesting but still hard to trust since you know that the FBI messed Julie Ward and Robert Ouko investigations so as not to annoy the Kenyan government. You can’t trust FBI especially when the NYPD disagree with whatever they are saying above.


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