Family Cries Foul After KNH Brain Surgery Mishap, Demand Answers After Death Of Their Son


Is the patient who was to have the surgery at Kenyatta National Hospital(KNH) dead or alive? That is the question that lingers after the family of deceased Angelos Miano Muthee claimed that he died after failing to undergo the surgery to remove the blood clot on the brain.

The Health CS Sicily Kariuki had earlier disclosed that he had visited both patients who were involved in the KNH surgery mix up and that they were both in stable conditions.

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Angelo’s family claim that they begged with nurses to attend to their kin attended to as they did not understand why he did not undergo the surgery as expected. The said that even after the doctors discovered the mix up they did not own up the mistakes but instead gave unwavering excuses that eventually led to the death of Angelos Muthee a  second year student at the University of Nairobi.

The father of the victim said that the answers that were given to him by the surgeon did not give an explanation as to why his son could not undergo the surgery as planned . He said that the doctors alluded that the surgery would b e costly but the family had indicated that they were willing to incure the cost to secure the well being of their son.

“I questioned them why they had changed their mind to operate my son but what they gave me unjustified reasons and their explanations could not add up,” Muthee said.

He said that he suspected that the mix up involved  with his son after he arrived at the hospital and his son was immediately removed from the life support machine and he was told that his he was no more.

No family had come out to claim both of the men until the Miano family claimed that their son who was involved in an accident was affected by mishap.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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