Facebook, Instagram Roll out Option to Hide Public Likes Count

Facebook and Instagram have rolled out the option for users to display likes on their posts.

Instagram activated  the feature allowing users to choose whether to keep the number of their likes public or hidden are weeks ago. The confirmation comes weeks after various Tech sites, including KahawaTungu reported that the platform was working on the feature.

Instagram started testing the option to remove count likes after an announcement at the Facebook’s annual developer conference. The move came about following allegations of societal pressure on users based on the number of likes their posts garnered.

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As a result, the app tested the option of making the number of likes invisible, and rolled it out globally in November, 2019. At the time, Instagram asked users to “focus on the photos and videos you share, not the number of likes they get.” However, that might not have worked out seeing that users could still access the number of likes privately.

Facebook and Instagram have now customized the feature letting users pick their preference. The choices include: not to see like counts on anyone’s posts; turning public likes off for their own posts; keeping the original experience which simply shows the number of likes to everyone.

Before sharing post on Instagram you can select  to hide the like count.  Even after your post has been submitted to the feed, you can enable or disable this feature by touching the three- dot icon on a post and then selecting Hide  Like Count.
Instagram is introducing a new Posts sections to the Settings to hide other people’s like counts. Go to your profile, touch the three-line icon, scroll down to Settings, pick Privacy, and then to Posts, where you may enable or disable the conceal like and View Counts option.

This functionality will be available in the “Settings & Privacy” section of its Facebook apps, as well as under News Feed Preferences on the desktop, under News Feed Settings.

Select Settings from the Settings and Privacy option by tapping the three-line icon in the bottom right corner. Select Reaction Counts from the News Feed Settings menu while you’re here.

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The feature now allows you to enable or deactivate reactions not only for your posts, but for others too.
You can turn these options on and off to hide the  number of reactions on other people’s postings as well as your own, even if they were published long time ago.
The option to toggle public likes will help ease societal pressure from the young generation who are greatly affected by popularity or lack of it.
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Written by Vanessa Murrey

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