Exclusive: NASA Plans to Expose Norman Magaya as an Undercover Jubilee Mole

Norman Magaya with NASA Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga
Norman Magaya with NASA Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga’s network of informers assisted by high-tech tracking equipment imported from Germany have exposed Norman Magaya as the most highly placed Jubilee undercover mole deep inside NASA headquarters.

The shocking development have come to light after a hurried press statement was given to media this morning in which Norman Magaya who is also the coalition’s CEO purportedly appointed himself as NASA Deputy Chief Agent for presidential and gubernatorial elections, a non existent position.

Norman, a long term employee of the CORD coalition, has been under secret surveillance by Raila’s team and was being baited by deflective information that was noted to later become matter of public discussion by Jubilee leaders.

NASA headquarters believe that through Norman, President Uhuru has learnt and developed a knack for pre-empting NASA coalition plans including Raila’s unread speeches and press statements. Uhuru is also known to pull campaign moves that have left little doubt that he has Raila’s plans and will stop at nothing to be seen as doing them ahead of his rival who has in recent days caught up and surpassed the president on popularity ratings.

Without Norman’s knowledge, the NASA principals have continued to act ordinarily hoping that the the undercover spy would retreat and stop spying for Jubilee. We have seen pictorial evidence of Norman meeting with Jubilee leaders including text messages exchanged with his contact based at Uhuru’s State House.

The self appointment of Magaya as deputy chief NASA agents has caught senior NASA secretariat staff by surprise.

The hijacking of management of NASA agents by Magaya is meant to ensure covert interception and control of the information being relayed to Raila’s central tallying centre from the more than fourty-thousand polling stations countrywide. With the coalition fundraising for its Adopt-a-polling station program that will be manned by large group of agents, the program is virtually a bank with vaults wide open.

Magaya is seen eyeing the management of agents as an easy access to a massive amounts of cash. In 2013, CORD blamed Caroli Omondi for reportedly escaping with billions of shillings meant to pay agents even as Jubilee executed an elaborate rigging plot with Caroli as their inside man.

NASA headquarters believes that Norman Magaya is replaying “the Caroli play book.” NASA co-principals have been informed with this development leaving them concerned during the peak of the campaigns with just ten days remaining to voting day.

As a senior employee of the coalition and one who sometimes acts as secretary of the coaltion’s management committee, the Magaya is known to enjoy access to highly classified information normally shared among the NASA co-principals. He also acts also gatekeeper who inevitably decides who can see the principals, at what cost and who cannot.

It remains to be seen what action Raila will take given he does not want to destabilise his campaign teams who are focused on delivery of the presidency.

Written by Kahawa Tungu



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