EU Say The Repeat Poll Was well Administered, Recommend Independence Of Institutions

The EU observer mission have said that the October 26 election was well administered.They said they noted an improvements in the transmission of results despite the commissions weakness.

They said that the earlier statements by the commission on internal differences  were not openly resolved but despite the challenges the technical aspects and transmission of results was seen to have improved.

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The EU gave their recommendations based on their findings during the repeat election.

  • EU EOM recommends that all aggrieved parties by the electoral parties should seek legal redress.
  • That IEBC and the Judiciary be given an opportunity to work independently without undue pressure.
  • That security agencies be fully accountable, by providing information on forces deployed and actions taken.
  • Political leaders engage in dialogue to identify ways to end the current political stalemate.
  • IEBC publishes information on the number of voters in each polling station who were identified bio metrically, alphanumerically and by the manual complementary mechanism, to enable full public scrutiny.

They said that there was increased political pressure on independent institutions thus making the environment hostile during the time of the repeat elections.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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