Exposed! Ethnic Profiling At Daystar University By Top Management(Video)

Daystar University

Two Daystar University Student leaders have come out to expose ethnic profiling at the prestigious private Christian University which was closed down last week following unrest.

The two who identified themselves as Otieno (Daystar University Valley-Road President) and Karetha Kirimi (Athi-River President) in a recorded video exposed how the management was using divide and rule along tribal lines to govern in a bid to end the boycott.

Exposed was one Madam Dorothy Ng’ethe the Daystar University Parents Association Chairperson who called Kirimi and told her to remember her name was Karetha and that her fellow President’s name was Otieno.

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“She told me to remember that Otieno’s people are causing the Government a lot of harm and De-service and that I should remember to save myself and my Education and write an email immediately to the Vice Chancellor Timothy Wachira calling off the boycott failure to which we will be dealt with accordingly,” she said.

Karimi added that Ms. Kang’ethe also vaunted of being close to the powers that be and was clearly acting on instructions from the Vice Chancellor and further told the Athi River President not to allow herself to be dealt with alongside “those people” -read-the Luo students

Karimi termed Kang’ethe’s sentiments as a move to divide Daystar Students and their leadership along tribal lines adding that the Student leaders were duly elected and were fighting for a just course on issues that affect the students.

“Her telling me that I am a Meru from Mt. Kenya region and my fellow President is Luo and so our issues cannot be aligned serves to tell how low this Christian University has sunk to silence the Students and their leaders who are fighting for good governance at the University,” Karimi averred.

Otieno said Kang’ethe finally voiced the rot that has engulfed the Institution for years dating back to 2010.

Daystar University on Friday last week closed its Nairobi and Athi River campuses indefinitely following student unrest since Thursday, November 17 after raising concerns over pathetic services especially transport, food and health.
In a letter to students, the Vice Chancellor  Wachira said the student government had been adamant to enter into any dialogue with Senate, management and council over the unrest.
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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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