Esther Arunga Arrested in Australia After Mysterious Death of 3-Year Old SON

Did Esther Arunga and her husband Quincy Timberlake knowingly cause the death of their son? That is what the Australian police is investigating.

According to a TV news report from Australia’s channel 7 news, the 3 year old boy was said to be playing with his two year old sibling when he fell down the stairs. His parents thought that the injuries were not so serious and so they just gave the poor boy and had him sleep. That was unfortunate because the condition of the boy worsened prompting the Esther and Quincy to call medics.

The boy died while being attended to by medics. Esther and Quincy have both been taken in for questioning by the Australian police. From the TV footage, Esther Arunga can be seen to have considerably gained weight.

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