Eric Kiraithe and the Racist Chinese Can’t Lecture Kenyans on Work Ethic

Kenya Government Spokesman , Erick Kiraithe and UNCTAD Economic Affairs Officer, Jane Muthumbi launching the report in Nairobi-31 May 2018. UNIC

Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe is not relenting in his war on Kenyans whom he believes doesn’t deserve a hearing on the allegations of racism and blatant abuse of employees.

Sounding more like a completely ignorant and unaware of the critical issues, Eric Kiraithe’s letter to the editor in today’s Daily Nation points more to inadequacies in him and not in Kenyans.

First, the former police spokesman blindly calls DN’s Kipchumba Some student journalists while informing him that “civil servants do not derive their value from momentary public applause or euphoria.”

According to Eric Kiraithe, his role is to draw public attention to “objective reality” which he doesn’t seem to do very well because his is more imagined than a reality.

Eric further attacks everybody else for “frothing in the mouth and steaming in the ears on alleged Chinese racism,” accusations he claimed to have discounted by pointing beyond our “outrage” and towards our national work ethic.

According to Kiraithe, he is right to question the work ethic of in “a country where surgeons open the wrong heads and public procurement regulations are contemptuously overlooked.” Kiraithe seems to be wallowing in the bliss of his ignorance and while still riding in the mentality of colonial police when he doesn’t realise that of all countries in the world, we can’t look for any sort of ethics in the Chinese. The country is the source of all manner of fakes, deceits, cheats and cons.

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Work? No. Chinese are not known to be hardest of global workers. According to recent data from Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the fifteen top hardest working countries are;

  1. Turkey at 47.9 hours a week
  2. Colombia, 47.9
  3. Mexico, 45.2
  4. Costa Rica, 44.9
  5. Chile, 43.4
  6. South Africa, 43.1
  7. Israel, 40.6
  8. Poland, 39.9
  9. Hungary, 39.6
  10. Portugal, 39.4
  11. Czech Republic, 39.4
  12. Slovak Republic, 39.2
  13. Slovenia, 39.2
  14. Greece, 39.0
  15. Latvia, 38.9

China doesn’t feature in the above list because it has never been identified to have genuinely and willingly hard working population. Most of the so called hard-working Chinese are prisoners who are in labour camps and not voluntarily doing what they love.

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Eric Kiraithe punches above his weight and clearly tries to bully his critics who have a genuine concern when he doesn’t see the need to boost the morale of Kenyan workers by at least assuring them that over anyone else’s, the country’s citizenss rights comes first. In a public platform where even the barely educated Chinese prisoners are also attentive, it is a show of deep buffoonery for Kiraithe to talk down on the strong willed Kenyans who despite being overly qualified and determined in midst of looting by the government which Kiraithe is a member of, tries all they can to make this country better.

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Eric Kiraithe can’t be even our worth ethic police. He doesn’t have the reputation beyond previously parroting the propaganda of rogue police force which executed Kenyans just because they held a contrary view. Eric Kiraithe hasn’t achieved anything beyond the ordinary to claim a throne in the work ethic lecture hall. For some of us who know Eric Kiraithe well, he is a pathetic sycophant who can’t survive in a properly functioning work routine.

Hey Eric Kiraithe, Kenyans are not privileged to pioneer the low quality SGR work which has even created more mess resulting in the recent flooding menace in Athi River and destruction of wildlife but the Chinese should feel deeply privileged that they were able to sell their archaic technology at a premium price to a low morale African country which is misruled and insulted by the likes of Eric Kiraithe.

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Eric Kiraithe should not even attempt to lecture the Kenyans working on SGR on internal human capital management policies, procedures and regulations. When he shouts that rules and regulations are made to be followed, Kiraithe displays his insensitivity and backwardness as he doesn’t recognise even the basic of global human resource best practices and rights of workers.

Employees who are mistreated, abused and subjected to all manner of inhuman treatment by a racist minority have a right to resist and voice their concerns to the world using any channel available. Kiraithe doesn’t have to approve this.

The SGR employees had every right to use extra-institutional channels to air stories of their abuse and any attempts by Kiraithe and other government employees to silence the workers using gestapo tactics will never be tolerated by those of us who are determined to see a better society with a well respected work force.

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Like tactics of monitor, profile and silence he used to kill critics of the Mungiki executions, Kiraithe is looking for all avenues to ensure that even journalists airing such abuses of Kenyans by the racist Chinese are charged with “espionage” and “sabotage.”

Like the common saying that man shall not live on bread alone, Eric Kiraithe thought that Kenyans working on SGR are only looking at dining rooms, toilets and staff cars is display of his incompetence in arguments by the sane and so, he should be relieved of his duties IMMEDIATELY.

Hey bwana Kiraithe, you are nolonger a policeman in the deeply demoralised service. Kindly take a moment and pursue a course or two in ethics. You understand nothing about the subject.

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