NASA, Jubilee Supporters United By Plunging Economy; A Report by Ipsos Shows


A report by Ipsos has revealed that in the three months during and after elections has seen household economic statuses for most Kenyans deteriorate.

Over the last three months, nearly three-quarters of Kenyans (72%) report that their household economic conditions and despite their political difference, the economic bite cuts across supporters of both divides with only a difference of  10% vs. 7% for NASA and Jubilee respectively.

Kenyans across the political divide also seem to agree as to what issues they want “the next government” to address with Job-creation and controlling/reducing the cost of living being top concerns.

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For the past five years, the  72%“worsened” figure  is the second highest obtained after the 76% recorded in the May, 2017 survey, when the country was suffering from both severe drought and food shortages.

The report further revealed that over the last three years (since November, 2014), the estimated monthly household income for Kenyan families has been static (notwithstanding annual GDP rates a few percentage points higher than population growth), thus suggesting that the benefits from the country’s macro-economic growth has largely remained in the hands of very few.

According o the survey, 75% of NASA supporters said their household economic status has taken a plunge in the last three months while 69% of those in Jubilee zones confirmed the same.

The worst hit households are in Eastern(84%) followed by Central(75%), Nairobi, Coast both at (74%) with North Eastern being the least hit at 45%.

The report further claims that Jubilee remains the most popular party with 48% over NASA’s 39%

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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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