Dusit Hero Claims He Singlehandedly Saved The Day In New Book, Netizens React

Chris Craighead (Image/Courtesy)

Chris Craighead, former British Special Air Service (SAS) has released a snippet of his book, “One Man In” that details how he singlehandedly saved the day during the Dusit attack that happened in 2019.

The book has netizens talking, with a section calling him out for taking credit as the only hero in the attack yet it was a joint effort.

A snippet of the book states that Chris within minutes of receiving a call from a friend who was also a former British Soldier hoped on his truck with weapons to the scene. He adds that he attempted to reach the Kenyan government on the same but his calls went unanswered.

“Within minutes, Chris was in his pick up truck with his weapon case at the back of the seat, dodging vehicles and pedestrians as he raced to the scene. He attempted to reach anyone he could within the British and Kenyan governments to figure out what was going on. Nobody answered, He was on his own, and operating without orders” the snippet of the book says in part.

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It adds, “At first on his own, and later as the leader of a small, rag-tag group of soldiers and civilians, Chris moved through the complex where hundreds of innocent hotel staff, guests, and office workers were still trapped. After clearing buildings and shepherding people to safety, he located the terrorists. A battle of guns, grenades, and tactics ensued. Chris and his men made it out. The terrorists did not.”

Kenyans are unimpressed by the snippet, with some calling on the other soldiers who played key roles in taking down the attackers to come out and give their own accounts of events.

The Dusit attack at the 14 Riverside Drive complex left 21 people dead and scores injured. Police managed to evacuate 700 people.

One of the terrorists, a suicide bomber was identified as twenty-five-year-old Mahir Khalid Rizik. The young Al-shabaab operative was said to have grown up in Mombasa and was recruited at the Musa Mosque in Mombasa.

Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) also revealed that Rizik had been in Somalia for training for one year before he came to Kenya on January 13, 2019, where he linked up with Farouk Gichunge at his Mucatha home.

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