Duale’s Cousin is the First Casualty of the Security Law as He is Found Dead in Embu

Aden Duale
Leader of Majority in the National Assembly, Aden Duale


Sheikh Mohamed Ali Kheir alias Sheikh Dawara who went missing three days ago from Garissa near post office was found dead last evening in Embu. Ali is a cousin to Hon Aden Duale.

According to relatives of the Sheikh, “the killing is a pure case of extra judicial killing as result of the newly passed draconian law.”

The leader of Majority in parliament, Aden Duale has also taken to Twitter to complain about the killing even going as far as demanding action o the police which he claim that might also be the killers.

Are the chicken coming home to roost too soon for Duale? He was a major defender of the bill and it might just come to haunt him right into his family.

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