Dr. Richard Leakey Blames Tourism CS Najib Balala For The Death Of The Rhinos

dr leakey, balala
Dr Richard Leakey

The former board chairman of the Kenya Wildlife Services Dr. Richard Leakey has blamed the CS Tourism Najib Balala for supporting the translocation which the board had declined for the past three years.

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He said that the board had noted that the translocation would not be possible because they were concerned about the lack of vegetation in the sanctuary and the issue of available and safe water.

The conservationist blamed the CS for allowing the translocation the absence of a board whose mandate had expired on April 17.

Dr Leakey said that he was unaware of the board that the CS said approved the translocation. He said Balala’s statement failed to reflect the fundamentals behind the death of the rhinos.

The autopsy results revealed that the rhinos died as a result of the saline water in the new home and negligence.

Investigators further mentioned that the animals had been stressed due to acute dehydration.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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