Donald Trump Okays Importation Of Ivory To U.S.

Trump's sons pose with a dead Leopard
President Donald Trump

America’s President Donald Trump is in the process of reversing an Ivory ban imposed by former President Barack Obama against importation of tusks from Zimbabwe and Zambia to the U.S.

In what has been reported as “remarkably petty attack” on rules intended to protect species registered under the Endangered Species Act, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife official confirmed the proposed rule change.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recently formed a council which is exploring once again allowing the importation of trophies from other animals including lions.

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Strangely, Trump’s Administration says the lifted ban reflects new information from in-country officials that “hunting actually benefits conservation for that species.”The Country’s department of Interior touted that  lifting the ban will result to “economic benefits that result from U.S. citizens traveling to foreign nations to engage in hunting” as well as benefits to “human populations” from American visitation.

Zimbabwe and Zambia, as well as six other countries, allow sport hunting regardless of the decline in elephant populations, and that research suggests encouraging conservation-friendly tourist activities would better promote the survival of the species.

An ABC Media report revealed that Savanna elephant populations dropped to 30 percent from 2007 to 2014 in 18 African countries.  Democrats on the House Natural Resources Committee did a research that has suggested that rampant corruption and poorly managed wildlife programs mean the fees from big game hunting tend to dissipate without helping the species involved, and in fact hunting speeds up the extinction of endangered species.

Sport hunting is an activity primarily associated with the wealthy, with Scientific American noting that the intent of the activity seems to be for rich foreigners to signal their privilege and influence. That description would seem to apply to the president’s sons, who are really fond of showing off photos of themselves posing alongside dead exotic wildlife.
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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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