Does Hon Elias Barre Shill Have Links to Terror Group Al-Shabaab?


Elias Barre Shill aka Elias Abdi Shill Place of Birth – Garisa Kenya and Kismayu Somalia ( not known for sure). He is claimed to be a citizen of Kenya, Somali, British (obtained travel documents as a refugee from Somalia). Current Job – Member of Parliament for Fafi constituency Vice Chair Defense and Foreign relations committee of the National Assembly Previous – Prime Minister Advisor on Somalia relations.

This brief is to bring to light strong suspicion that Mr. Elias Barre Shill aka Elias Abdi shill is suspected to be an operative for the terror group Alshabaab. This is based on inconsistencies in his life and legal documentation and other circumstantial information.

Mr. Elias Barre Shill went missing from his hometown of Garissa in the early 1990’s and resurfaced just before the 1997 general election won the fafi parliamentary seat. He failed to recapture the seat mainly due to frequent absentia. He was serving as prime ministers advisor on Somali issues during the grand coalition period a position he sought by heavy effort including bribery. He is currently actively pursuing to be presidential advisor to the president Uhuru Kenyatta. Now let us connect the dots.

Mr. Elias Barre Shill comes from the Rer Kassim clan of Garissa county. Mr. GamaDhere Kuno ( wanted for Garissa Attacks too) This fact is important. In the Somali community, Clan allegiance comes first even before the religion. This is important to gain trust and share proceeds on every under taking. There are hundreds of Rer Kassim boys fighting in Somalia currently. They believe once they get power their clan will dominate the region.

The terror Suspect killed allegedly by security officers and his body dumped in Embu was a close associate of Elias. They used to partner in businesses and he is the man who financed Elias election campaign in 2013. He is believed to be the man behind facilitation of funds and communication between Elias and mr. Kuno. They had differences with Elias on misappropriation of funds sent over from bases in Somalia. Elias was spending a lot of money claiming it is for silencing the security agents in Kenya. Their last major confrontation was about some boys in custody in Kenya whom Elias was to free. He did not deliver the boys nor the money. It is believed Elias sold him out to the Kenyan security after the sheikh threatened to report him to the bosses in Somalia. Elias had to travel to Somalia to clear the air on the situation.

He frequently travels to Somalia at least every month. It is also been a mystery that whenever he travels to Somalia he goes missing only to resurface back just before he returns back to Kenya. Elias has a son who is a fugitive in America. His son (name withheld) is wanted by the FBI for unknown reasons. He is currently in hiding somewhere in Kenya or Ethiopia. We have been wondering how this terror groups get us flat footed.

Its time we start vetting our state officers and asses the risks.

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