Die Kivuitu Die!! You Can’t be Cleansed Just Because You Have Cancer

By Robert Alai

So NTV interviewed former Electoral Commission of Kenya Chairman, Samuel Kivuitu. Kivuitu was the in-charge of Kenya’s elections in  2007. His premature and disputed announcement of the winner in a dark room somewhere with only state broadcaster, KBC, present sparked more fears of rigging. His actions after that did not help with Martha Karua having sneaked him to State House to go and Present Kibaki with a certificate as the eventual winner of the 2007 elections.

At the almost late night swearing in of Kibaki where even the President had a slip of tongue to say that he swears to be mhalifu (thug) and not mwaminifu (trustworthy), Kivuitu arrogantly retorted how he was doing this to stop any masqueraders.

On the interview which was aired by NTV on 29th December, Kivuitu blamed Kibaki on everything. Kivuti said how the stage for dispute on elections was set by Kibaki refusing blatantly to consult the opposition as set in the IPPG agreement. Kivutiu then went further to blame everybody including politicians, ECK commissioners (whom he said he had no full control over) and what he called the “unseen forces”.

Kivuitu clarified that he never said that he was not sure of the winner of the 2007 elections as shown in one of the most played clip after the 2007/2008 fiasco. “I only said that I was not sure that Kibaki won FAIRLY because as a lawyer, the word fairly is more factual”, Kivuitu said.

Kivuitu on NTV


After the interview, I posted my thought both on Twitter and Facebook. I said that I believe that Kivuitu came out as a killer the way he was dressed in the interview (imagine a frail old man in a hoodie) and that I believe that he should die so fast. Some supporters of Kivuitu (90% of the negative reaction came from ethnic Kikuyus and the 10% from Kambas and other tribes) thought that I was wrong in  praying that Samuel Kivuitu die quickly.

Some claimed how their relatives have died of cancer and so I should not be praying badly for cancer patients. This lot of reactionaries I believe were just looking for attention. I was not praising how Cancer was a good disease. I was just praying and continue to pray that SAMUEL KIVUITU die so quickly he wont notice it.

The fact that Kivuitu rigged a Kikuyu into power and set emotions higher than it could have been should not make Kikuyus think that he is a God. Any Kikuyu or supporter of Kibaki who thinks that just because Kivuitu rigged Kibaki in then he must be protected is simply playing the ethnic chauvinism card on me. You did not get salary raise just because you are a Kikuyu and a Kikuyu mainatined power. The presidency of Kibaki has led to the killing of a very big number of Kikuyu young men under the guise of Mungiki crackdowns. The same presidency led to more than 2000 Kenyans being killed in 2007/2008 post-election violence in Kenya and the community which suffered most and continue to suffer is the Kikuyu community. So the Kikuyu elites and idle middle income earners thinks that stay on power of Kikuyus is a great thing to cherish.

Any sane Kikuyu will know that for Kenya to be progressive and for us to have ethnic cohesion, Kikuyus must avoid seeking the presidency in 2012. That is the BLUNT fact. You cannot consistently think that no other community is better placed to lead the country called Kenyans than Kikuyus or without a Kikuyu running mate. That is another very BLUNT FACT. When Hassan Omar raised these issues, he was called names and others issued fatwa silently or loudly against him. Facts are Facts Kenyans.

Conversation on Mashada after the Hassan Omar article.

It would have been very easy to forget the MoU debacle, post referendum actions of Kibaki and his blatant arrogance before and after the 2007 general elections. The problem is that in all appointments Kibaki has made, he has neither taken into consideration the coalition agreement, the constitution or even ethnic distribution in the country. Kenyans are bitter when we must have a purely Kikuyu boardroom affair in KRA, Energy Ministry, Finance, Trade, Aviation or Security sectors.

Another thing is that Kivuitu had a chance to resign before or after the bungled elections and he had a chance to stand his ground and stop the likes of Kihara Mutu, Martha Karua, Kiraitu Murungi and Michuki. He chickened out of sane senses and decided to arrogantly burn the country. He CANNOT and WILL NEVER be cleansed just by the fact that he has cancer. I don’t mind what Kivuitu dies of or the fact that some thinks that I will get cancer just because I wish him death through cancer. What I want to see very soon is the grave of Kivuitu. I will gladly sit on his corpse, cook some Sukuma Wiki and praise the name of the gentle God who takes evil souls.

Die Kivuitu Die!!!!

Written by Robert

Respected Kenyan blogger, tech evangelist, and social justice activist. Robert is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle @RobertAlai or Facebook page (

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