Dida Says Raila Loves Teargas And Confrontations With Government

Presidential Candidate, Abduba Dida

Abduba Dida, Independent Presidential candidate for the second time, has dismissed claims that the Al Ghurair ballot printing tender is adulterated.

The former teacher said NASA flag bearer, Raila Odinga loves teargas and cannot survive three months before looking for a chance to confront the government.

“I know Raila loves teargas and can’t go three months without it. If he tries, he will be sick,” said the presidential candidate.

Dida said he did not find anything mischievous in the process of awarding the Sh2.5 billion tender to Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing Company of Dubai.


“When you visit a home you have a right as a visitor to see the father so you feel at home in the new place. It is common knowledge,” he told the Star.

The independent candidate added the IEBC demonstrated to all presidential candidates the steps taken by the firm to ensure process could not be compromised in favour of Jubilee.

“It is not bad that Uhuru met the investors since they were coming to his country,” said the politician.

Dida said he has engaged the electoral agency and believes there are no loopholes that Jubilee Party will use to rig the August 8 elections.

“I am confident following our meeting with IEBC officials. The elections will be fair,” said Dida.

Written by Eva Nyambura

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