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Did Lawyer Geoffrey Oriaro Really Drown or He was Killed?


Lawyer Geoffrey Oriaro, famous for the anti EACC petition, was found floating in a swimming pool in Mombasa few weeks ago. The lawyer who authored a petition to remove EACC Commissioners Mumo Matemu and Irene Keino was said to be in close contacts with key personalities until his sudden death.

Key intelligence and security sources privy to the dealings point to a well coordinated scheme to eliminate the lawyer. The elimination was so clinically executed that the NIS and CID operatives are now convinced that the killer gang

As the LSK retreat was going on,Geoffrey Oriaro was communicating with some of his contacts in Nairobi. He was apparently following up on the payment of a promised fee after his successful initiation of the ouster of Matemu and Keino. The lawyer was promised Ksh 100 million for the petition but he was paid Ksh 5 million as deposit with the remainder promised to be delivered at a later date.

Upon the ouster of Keino and Matemu, the lawyer has not been able to get any of the remaining Ksh 95 million he was to be paid. So he apparently threatened to expose the people behind the ouster and explain why he filed the petition to remove Matemu and Keino. He felt bitter that he was being let down after sabotaging the corruption onslaught against his paymaster.

On getting the veiled threats from Oriaro, the people behind the EACC ouster panicked. They ordered for his immediate elimination. So LSK provided a perfect opportunity with the Diani retreat. Oriaro’s contacts asked him to extend his stay in Mombasa after the retreat. The rest is history.

RIP wakili

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