Deported Drug Lord, Malcolm Fouasso, Spotted in Nairobi Entering Immigration HQs

Malcom Fouasso
Malcom Fouasso
Malcom Fouasso

A Cameroonian known to be a drug lord and criminal with many cases pending in various courts in the country has been spotted in Nairobi just months after being deported in one of the biggest security operation. The Cameroonian who previously went with the original names, Malcolm Magloire Cyr Fouasso, was deported in 2013. He has many pending drugs and robbery related cases in the country. Malcom is known to change names severally. He is probably using a fake passport now.

Top immigration and police service officials are believed to be in his payroll. The drug lord who was once married to a Kenyan to cement his status in the country is known to be extremely violent and ruthless in containing competition and people who stand on his path.  He is believed to keep key immigration officials in his payroll. He is known to sometimes use a fake Congolese passport bearing the name Francois Pembe.

Malcom is HIV positive while his former wife is HIV negative. While around, he use all manner of threats and cajoling to get to sleep with the former wife. He tested positive while still married to the former wife, one Caroline Wanjiru. The former wife totally refused to have him sleep with her without protection after him testing positive. His wife who is now a pastor is always afraid when Malcom is around as he uses all manner of threats.

One of the police officers known to be in his payroll uses phone number 0720271394. with a Cameroonian passport number 01274848 though he was arrested in Khartoum with a fake congolese passport bearing the name Francois Pembe which is supposed to be in the custody of immigration. Malcom has been arrested in DRC, South Sudan (jailed for 3 years) and Kenya but he always manages to get away with the ugly things he does.

Just one week ago, he was spotted at The Junction supermarket. He was also spotted at JKIA walking in and out like nobody can do him anything in this country. At JKIA, he was with a fellow Cameroonian only known as Yusuf. Malcom and Yusuf were associates in the DRC gold scam which forced the Congolese President Joseph Kabila to personally visit the country to pursue the matter with President Kibaki.

Malcom is always around the 680 hotel and simmers restaurant, known for the high number of homosexuals, illegal immigrants and drug dealers from West Africa.

Apart from being a known drug dealer, Malcom also deals in fake currencies.

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