Decaying Moral Fabric, Frustrations To Blame For Cases Of Men Killing Lovers – Experts Say

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A distraught father is seeking justice for the murder of his daughter, Diana Mumbi  Mwangi whose lifeless body he found at Kenyatta National Hospital mortuary.

Diana was reportedly found unconscious in a lodging at Eastleigh, taken to KNH where she died after a few days.

Preliminary reports indicate that the first year student at Multi Media University was drugged and left for dead by a man she had been having long conversations with over the phone.

Another case is of 24 year old Ruth Wanjiru Kinyua who was found with neck wounds and who was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend Simon Musyoka.

The girl had met a new man, one Francis Kinuthia and her mother had given her blessings.

Experts have diagnosed the crimes of passion that have been reported in the recent times as a purvey of frustration and a decaying moral fabric.

Sociologist and psychologist Faith Atsiango told Kahawa Tungu that young women in the modern society have expectations that men their age group can hardly keep up with.

“They do not understand that life is not all about the fun, partying and money,” Atsiango said adding that these temptations often lead them to hooking up with random men often without getting to know their personalities.

“I wish not to apportion blame in such an unfortunate incident but young girls are meeting up with strangers they hardly know and end up in lodgings which tells a lot about the young people our society is churning,” she said.

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She added that men do not know how to handle rejection and most often resort to murder than see their lover move on with someone else.

Early in the year, a police officer attached to the Presidential escort team shot his lover in board day light in the CBD before turning the gun on himself because she had turned down his marriage proposal.

She averred that some of the killings were not crimes of passion, but rather premeditated.

“Some thinking, if not some planning, has gone in to them,” she said.

Globally, about 40 percent of all female murder victims (and just six percent of male murder victims) die at the hands of a former or present spouse or lover. The home becomes a dangerous place for women (as well as for children).

Whereas almost all cases of homicides committed by males against their female partners occurred after the female ended the relationship or announced her intention to do so, most of the homicides committed by females against their male partners were reactions to severe male domestic violence.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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