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Deacons’ Executive Joe Sitati Kills a Cyclist After Bribing His Way at an NTSA Checkpoint

Deacons’ Chief Finance and Administration Officer, Joe Sitati is a known alcoholic. The high flying corporate boss is know to love one-too-many for the road and as usual, Saturday the 10th of December was not different.

Joe was out drinking with friends until late when he decided to drive home. He took the Argwings Kodhek road and while on it, he didn’t realise that the NTSA had a breathaliser checkpoint at around Chaka Place. He was stopped and tested for alcohol. He was found to be more than twice the recommended limit.

Being the moneyed executive who he is, Joe Sitati bribed his way out of the situation. 10 minutes later, Joe Sitati was driving along Othaya Road in Lavington where he knocked down a cyclist and instantly killed him. The name of the cyclist is Collins Kipkosgei Kipsania, a young man riding home on his TVS Apache motor cycle.

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