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Meet Inspector Of Administration Police Dave Major Mc’Ongiri, Changing Lives In Slums Without Fire

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There’s this peculiar Inspector of Administration Police by name; Dave Major Mc’Ongiri. What makes him stand out amongst his fellow officers is utmost discipline and unique crime fighting approach.

Like the “strange” Turkana pastor who heads a church for the drunk contrary to ordinary perception, Major Dave, despite being in possession of guns and fully equipped by the power and skills to shoot and kill like the famous Essy wa Kayole/Dandora whose finger is ever on the trigger, the potbellied dark skinned Dave has refused completely to allow his skin colour overshadow his heart and mind.

In a positive manner, he has chosen to have a different approach of practicing racism by loaning a white heart.

The well built and endlessly jovial officer is working round the clock to ensure a crime free society in the slums of Korogocho and Kariobangi without firing bullets like his most trigger happy colleagues in the force do. He has refused to misuse his masculine body in aimlessly harassing residents by beating them unjustly like it is a custom within the force quarters.

Contrary to his colleagues who prefer night operations and arbitrary weekend arrests as means of extorting monies from citizens as perceived criminal ones are gunned down and weapons planted on them instantly to justify their efforts in pursuit of seeking ranks, the joyous afande prefers daytime engagement with the youths in the dusty grassless fields as he coach them in football as well as donating games kits, least to mention surprising them with gifts and food items.

To him, crime eradication has lots to do with poverty eradication as well as lidless elimination too and not just guns and handcuffs can silence the menace. The gun and handcuffs are not everything in combating crime.

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What more can a society demand from a security officer? And you wonder how such characters end up disappearing in the pecking order without making it to the top.

Dave is ably showing showing his fellow officers and society at large how to eliminate crime, not criminals and he deserves praise.

His work is a clear testament that we can rehabilitate, reform and reintegrate wrong doers back into our societies with a little more love.

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Written by Bonface Osano

Communication And Media Student. Sports Writer.


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