Cultism vs Religion: Is Prophet Owuor a Cult Leader?


Many people have been drawn in to occult behaviors that have been masked and repackaged as religion. Identification of cults is very difficult because it is difficult to realize if one has been lured.

However there are some characteristics that are similar in most of the known cults making it easy to identify. Most of the members of these cults often have an unusual commitment to the leaders of the cult. This means that they consider their leaders ideologies as truth.

In Kenya the preacher of the repentance and Holiness church prophet Owuor is said to have brainwashed his followers to submit all their earnings to the church. Many followers give 100% of their salaries to the church. They are often blinded by the fact that they do not give offerings during the normal church services

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In Nyeri this has been witnessed in the cult that is headed by Prophet Kinaru. He believed that the world would end in March 2017 and therefore told his over 30 members to leave work and families in order to serve God. According to the prophet their families have no value.

Another characteristic that they posses is that questioning or doubting the leader is often discouraged and at times those found questioning are punished by being ex-communicated.

This was displayed by Kinaru’s church in Nyeri, one of his daughters was ex communicated for disobedience. She then left the cult leaving her sisters who believed that the world would end.

Leaders of these groups more often than not dictate how the members think, act or feel. They prescribe how or what the members should dress.

Here is a video of renowned prophet Owuor dictating how people should dress during one of the sessions:

The members of these groups have a polarized mentality of ‘us vs them…’ Them is used to describe the people of the ‘world’ but the oxymoron is they are usually focused on bringing more people to their groups.

Over the past weekend Kenyans witnessed a two day crusade held by prophet Owuor, who was heavily guarded with police officers and a motorcade of expensive cars. Some of the members who were sick withdrew their sick relatives from the hospitals and took them to receive healing from the “prophet.”

Cult leaders are often not accountable to authority therefore they can say whatever they want to say to the members and not be held accountable for anything that happens after. Many patients who have been withdrawn from hospitals in order to receive miracles have ended up dying. The prophet has never been held accountable for  the deaths.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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