A Cry Of Help To The Chairman Of Trident Colleges Jitan Dhanani

Dear Chairman,
We are writing to you as a consortium of student in your college TRIDENT COLLEGES. We have resorted to this method of communication because we are left with no choice.
We are disappointed so are our parents who spend there hard earned money to bring us to this college for education. Despite our paying fees, our expectations are dashed by the corruption and mistreatment by the management and the CEO.
We live on Ugali and cabbages or githeri everyday like a Kamiti prison. This being a medical health college, we expect atleast some variety in our diets. If this is not the case atleast give us a diet worth our money we pay for. Alternatively Allow us to cook for ourselves in the hostels. We raised this issue with Faith (CEO) who insulted us saying we did not come to school to eat. As true as that may be, we all need a balanced diet to remain healthy and energy to study. I am sure your pets eat better than us.
2. Education
We are very disappointed by the quality of education we get from the college. We have very good lecturers but they are never motivated to teach. For example for our nutrition course we have only one lecturer who teaches us all 13 units this semester. Our issue is not the lecturers but the lack of learning resources thereof. We know also they are paid peanuts maybe thats why they are not motivated.
Our labs are not equipped or are non existent for science and medical courses. We pay for labs and practicals yet we have never done a single practical.
We pay 500 for internet yet there is no internet we all have to crowd outside the admins office whenever we want to be in range of the wifi so we can access internet. Which begs us to ask are we paying internet for management to enjoy or us students to benefit? We have no computers only 2 working computers here.
As nutrition and Dietetics students we dont even have a kitchen that is equipped. We were even told to pay for our practicals by faith if we want to learn. If i may ask what are our parents paying school fees for?
School trips, every semester we are promised educational field trips atleast one. We have not attended a single one.
We do not have extra curricular activities, which leaves us bored and idle, many students now engage in drugs, loitering in town and other immoral behaviors.
Why does the administration lie to us? They tell us the school is registered with the relevant education boards, yet we know like Medical Lab course is not registered with the exam board, so the students doing it will not be certified, please tell us are we paying for Trident certificates or professional boards certificate? Because trident college certificate will not help us get jobs.
Last week we know TVET suspended Nutrition and Dietetics course, please tell us, what are we paying school fees for, so that we can fail to get certified after working hard and doing exams?
You registered student with C minus for nutrition and clearly according to KNDI they cannot get a certificate because they do not qualify to meet the minimum requirements of KNDI.
We have no books in the library at all. Whta kind of college is this? Yet we pay school fees! The so called library is just an empty hall with a few desks and chairs.
There is alot of corruption and misappropriation of funds in this college.
we feel neglected. kindly if you do not want to run a college give us notice close it so we can go study somewhere else worth our money.
Students Body Trident College

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