High Court Dismisses Dida’s Petition To Have Presidential Debates Halted

Presidential Candidate, Abduba Dida
Presidential Candidate, Abduba Dida

The High Court on Friday dismissed a petition filed by Abduba Dida seeking to have the presidential debates slated for 10th and 24th July halted if not all eight candidates are allowed on the same platform.

Judge Joseph Mativo has dismissed the case saying the case lacks merit.

Justice Mativo continued to say that the case did not constitute discrimination for the organisers of the debate to separate the candidates into two groups for the purposes of the debate.

The judge has found that the presidential candidate has the option of opting out of the debate if he is not happy with the arrangements adding that they do not in any way prohibit him from articulating his agenda.

Dida had argued that the differentiation of the candidates on the basis of the popularity for the purpose of the debate qualified as discrimination.

Following the ruling, the organisers can now proceed with their original plan to have President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga debate on the same platform.

Earlier this week,both opted out of the debate taking issue with the format presented to them and protesting the short notice given.

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