Consolation vs Indemnity; Solai Dam Victims Cry Foul Over Compensation

Solai Dam
Solai Dam

The victims of the Solai dam tragedy have cried foul over the compensation that the owners gave them . The claim that the owners of the Patel dam took advantage of their desperation for money.

The Solai Dam victims said that they were forced to sign indemnity forms without even perusing the content of the documents. They say that the forms would bar from pursuing further claims.

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The documents they stated that the dam owners would not be liable for the incident despite them offering to compensate them. The discharge forms would protect the dam owner from any further claims.

‘The dischargee herein accepts the said monies, contemplated under clause 4herein above and further consents that the estate of the said deceased person shall never claim against the dischargor

‘Both the dischargee and dischargor are now mutually agreeable that none of the parties hereto, were responsible for the natural disaster that befell the Milmet Dam and its environs on 9th May 2018,’the discharge and indemnity document stated


The victims said that they were further duped by the fact that they were forced to sign the forms while receiving the assistance promised by the government in the presence of the areas assistant county commissioner Julius Kavita.

“I signed without reading because there was no time. We were picking sh 50000 from the National kitty when we were told to sign for the money from the farm owners” Joseph Gathogo a victim who lost his four children told the The standard

The victims were paid Sh. 100000 for a life lost, Sh.200000 for loss of a semi permanent structure and Sh.1M for a permanent structure lost.

The victims said that several leaders held meetings with clergy men and leaders in th community. The people who signed for the money said that they were told by the general manager that the money was not compensation but consolation.

The managing director Perry Mansukh and two others have since been arrested and charged with manslaughter. 47 lives were lost after the Dam broke in May of this year.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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