Collapse of Roof at State House Forces President Uhuru to Use Sagana Temporarily


President Uhuru Kenyatta’s move to repeatedly use Sagana State Lodge has confounded Kenyans. What most of Kenyans don’t know is that a roof at State House collapsed forcing the President to seek accommodation elsewhere. He has recently been forced to commute between Nairobi and Sagana daily as State House undergoes repair.

It’s believed that the main bedroom was the most affected room affected forcing the President to look elsewhere for accommodation. His communication team has been tasked with masking the real story with “impending cabinet reshuffle” story, which the mainstream media has eagerly bought.

President Uhuru usually stays in his private home just close to State House but that is also undergoing complete renovations for the last few weeks.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, complete;y refused to meet Deputy President William Ruto, completely embarrassing him. According to a team which was part of Kenya’s VIP security to John Kerry, Ruto’s determination to meet Kerry forced Kerry to spend the last night of his visit at a small residence in the US embassy.

William Ruto

The US State Department team did not reveal the diary of Kerry for the last day of his 3 day visit but left it open so that he could visit Pawa254 then fly to Somalia in surprise visit.

The real drama happened on the last day when Ruto decided to go to the airport to see John Kerry off. Even President Uhuru intentionally misinformed him that he could go and see John Kerry off. But that was not to be as The US Secretary of State took while Ruto was just passing General Motors.

John Kerry just like other sitting US leaders will not meet DP Ruto as long he is not cleared of the charges at the ICC in the Hague. That is just policy which will not change anytime soon.

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