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The Children of ‘Mau Mau Field Niggers’ Ganged Up with NASA to Defeat Jubilee

fazul mahamed
AFRICOG and KHRC officials. / COURTESY

The field niggers (Mau Mau & other freedom fighters) went to the forest to fight mzungu and his house niggers (home guards and house servants).

When mzungu left here he handed over his prized possessions – his houses, club houses, golf clubs, farms, businesses, bad habits and crucially, the colonial state intact to the house niggers. This was of cause because the house niggers and their kids had formal education unlike the field niggers in the forest.

The field niggers who had fought for their land and freedom from colonial rule were shortchanged. When the asked for their land they were told they can only get it on a “willing buyer willing seller” basis.

The house niggers then proceeded to disenfranchise the field niggers for the last 54 years by continuing the colonial state’s extraction of our resources from the masses into the pockets of a few.

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Slowly but surely though, through an extractive education system designed to help capture the brightest offspring of the field niggers to work in the house niggers’ businesses and colonial state, some field niggers have risen through the system and occasionally shocked it. Some examples include Maina Kiai, John Githongo, Gladwell Otieno, Timothy Njoya, Bishop Alexander Muge, etc.

The latest, and seemingly fatal, shock to the system though and the subject of this post are the four offspring of field niggers, the Supreme Court Justices at the helm of the apex court of the land and specifically the head of one of the 3 arms of the Government of the Republic of Kenya, the Judiciary.

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These four offspring of field niggers led by the President of the Supreme Court of Kenya shocked the house niggers system by refusing to respect the 54 year old tradition of field niggers kowtowing and pandering to the house niggers corrupt whims.

The shock to the house nigger system was so lethal that the top house nigger came out drunk to address the nation and promptly proceeded to insult the field niggers at the SCoK calling them “wakora” while scratching his anus publicly.

The field nigger has woken. Down with the house niggers!

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Written by Edwin Kiama

I am a social justice activist opposed to all manner of uthamaki (tribal kingdoms), whether in Central Kenya, Rift Valley, Nyanza, Ukambani or wherever in Kenya

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