Chief Justice David Maraga proves difficult for lawyer Ahmednasir ‘intimidation tactics’

The Pre-Trial hearing of the NASA case has shown the new Chief Justice David Maraga is not a pushover and will likely deliver ‘unbiased’ rulings based on the law and the spirit of the constitution.

Yesterday, one of Kenya’s known bully lawyers, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, attempted to set his own timelines to present responses after the court allowed NASA documents that he had earlier claimed had been filed out of time.

A visibly angry Ahmednasir shot up to register his displeasure with the ruling, offering to respond today late in the evening.

However, Chief Justice David Maraga reduced that time with over eight hours, directing Ahmednasir to file his responses before nine o’clock this morning.

Sources privy to the case say Ahmednasir had believed, and shared with friends, that the court will purge the NASA evidence.

Critics of the lawyer accuse him of using underhand tactics to win cases, including “bench fixing” and bullying, especially when he served at the Judicial Service Commission, the judges employer.

Written by Kahawa Tungu


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