CCTV Africa Accused Of Discrimination, Locals Leaving For BBC

CCTV africa
CCTV Africa studios. / COURTESY

Panic has gripped CCTV Africa after a number of its employees resigned for better pay and working conditions at BBC which is launching its bureau in Nairobi in a few months.

BBC is recruiting and is targeting all the media houses in Kenya.

Among those leaving CCTV are: Valentine Macharia (Tv news director) from the broadcast department ran by Hu Yu, a sports reporter, Celestine Karonei and a technical operator Hambert Mashua.

A source intimated to Kahawa Tungu that the Chinese owned media house is a hub for prejudice where the foreigners are paid eight times more than the locals for the same job.

For instance, the source said, in the editing department where some South African employees are less qualified than the local staff, they get over five times what the locals get.

”A good example is Leeroy who was brought by the head of that department Shen Jin, the dude was taught to edit news by local employees because he had no idea how to do news yet his pay is more than five times the local employees who taught him the job. The locals’ salaries are wanting,” the source said.

A foreign employee after taking one too many is said to have pointed out that his rent is equivalent to a local’s salary.

Kahawa Tungu has learnt that the management has come up with monthly bonuses that are pegged on how much one runs personal errands for their supervisors and not on merit.

Personal errands include taking their cars for service, bailing them out of traffic offenses, renewal of driving licenses and work permits all in the name of hefty bonuses.

The worst hit departments are broadcast ran by Hu Yu, who runs the department with a communist mentality and her decisions, final and technical departments ran by Nicholas and Julia Luo.

Word has it that the out-going bureau chief, Mr Pang Xhinua does not call the shots, in fact running the show are Hu Yu and Shenjin.

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When it comes to matters human resource, we have learnt that what the locals get as a stipend is totally different from what is recorded at the mother company in China.

CCTV bureaus around the world pay their employees using international standards.

Recently, one of the Chinese employees was overheard saying that they have the president and his deputy in their pockets and that they are more powerful than the Kenyan citizens.

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