CCK Chicken Out of Switching Off Fake Handsets Again

The Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) has again postponed the deadline it imposed to operators to switch off fake mobile phones in the networks. This is the third time the regulator is postponing the deadline.

CCK has now pushed the date of switch-off to August which many doubt will ever happen considering how high in campaign spirit our politicians will be and so anything which will render over 2.3 million without communications will just not be a favourtite subject.

According to a statement from CCK, the August deadline will be the final time the regulator postpone the switch-off. CCK indicates that the currently a database with details of all handsets is being set up for ease in verification by subscribers.

CCK Director General also indicated that the regulator has finished selecting the company which will manage the database. CCK also plans a 3 months consumer awareness campaign starting from May – July on fake handsets.

I agree that CCK lacks the legislative backing for the switch-off but now that is because CCK want it that way. CCK however, intends to use Chapter 411A of the Kenya Information and Communications Act 2009 (1998) which it claims, gives it a legal mandate to switch-off the fake handsets.

CCK previously gave the operators a September 2011 deadline before extending to December and later to April 2012. Now we are in April and the deadline has been extended with another 4 months. Just so typical of Wangusi.

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