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Cambridge Analytica Hired Thugs to Disrupt NASA Demos, Leaked Memo

A leaked memo has exposed the intricate working networks of data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica which has been been responsible for Jubilee’s emotional manipulation.

According to the memo the firms New York office. the firm revealed it’s strategy of making NASA supporters appear violent by hiring violent thugs to infiltrate the demos and attack those not protesting and loot from traders and shops.

The firm also used the first family to manipulate the emotions of others who are easily swayed by Mama Margaret Kenyatta and her children going down to campaign for the President. This is achieved by highly publicising the presence of the members of the first family in the campaigns.

Another strategy used by the firm is to use churches to help marshal more support for the presidents as the church is respected in most, if not all, instances.

The leaked memo; 

The leak has confirmed what has always been suspected in the workings of the data driven emotional manipulation firm which is also blamed for the rhetoric behind Trump’s win in the US elections in 2016.

The firm was behind some of the extreme rhetoric in the Kenyans elections including using the church, portraying Raila as a devil incarnate and also trying to isolate Luos with the narrative of them being a violent lot.

The firm has currently advised that Raila be called a militia boss whose militia (read: Luos) are trying to take power through the use of force and violence in parts of the country.

This is not the first time the firm has been involved in the Kenyan elections as it was also the data firm behind the 2013 highly emotive campaign with the major campaign issue being the ICC cases which was facing 6 Kenyans including the President and his running mate.

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