Buddha Blaze Tells Journalists He Doesn’t Need them to Cover Talib Kweli

Buddha Blaze
Scanad Creative Moses Mbasu aka Buddha Blaze

Moses Mbasu aka Buddha Blaze is the man behind Nairobi Hip Hop Raphsody. So this week (tonight) he is hosting American hip hop guru Talib Kweli at the Ebony Lounge in Westlands. The weekly musical event seeks to promote hip hop in the region.

With Talib Kweli coming, many showbiz journalists were eager to cover the event. So two journalists, one from Nation and another from Standard, called Buddha Blaze asking for details on how to get the tickets or media accreditation. On hearing that, Comrade Mbasu, decided to pour his heart out how most journalists who were looking for “free tickets” have not been covering his events. In fact he insisted on the two journalists sending him links to previous articles they have done about the raphsody.

What Buddha Blaze doesn’t know is that he doesn’t own a media house and he is the marketer of the event. Chiding or bullying journalists and thinking that they are desperate to get to your event is not the best way to market your event. In fact he should blame himself for not properly networking with showbiz journalists to cover his event. Being a snob doesn’t grow events.

When the journalists told Blaze that they were ready to pay for the tickets, him being the marketer, messenger, bouncer, everything and the only thing for the event was never giving a straight answer on the prices. Seems like the gate ticket prices were also some mystery or were being used to punish the journalists who have not been covering His Highness Blaze’s events in the best way.

Throwing tantrums would not make your event popular bro. Good night!!!

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