Bruce Odhiambo Claims that Bamboo is a Broke Beggar Out to Blackmail HIM

Broke hip-hop artist who is just from washing dishes in USA, Bamboo is out with new allegations (this is no the first time he is making wild accusations). He has always picked fights with almost every industry bigwig to make a name, something which has not worked in his favour. He hit a new low today when he accused monied Music Producer Bruce Odhiambo of ripping him off his Ksh 3 million (yes Bamboo says he commands such) in performance fees. Bamboo went further and accused Bruce Odhiambo of raping his 17 – year old former girlfriend, Anisa Njeri Ndisi.

Before hearing what Bruce Odhiambo had to say about this, let’s ask ourselves. Between Bruce Odhiambo and Bamboo, who looks like a rapists and you believe can rape. Who would pay Bamboo Ksh 3 million for performance? For what music in Kenya? And Bamboo was dating a 17 year old? How old is Bamboo again? 35-years old. Right?

Bruce Odhiambo says that he was called by Bamboo this morning when the artists claimed that Bruce owed him “some money for a performance” he did during TNA campaigns. Bamboo allegedly claimed that he needed the money. Bruce told him that according to his contract, he was paid. Bamboo was paid Ksh 350,000 from two performances (Ksh 200,000 and Ksh 150,000 respectively). In a third performance which was to be in Nakuru, Bamboo acted a diva and demanded that “a private vehicle be sent to pick him and Chiwawa” as they couldn’t use public transport. Abbas jumped into the next available shuttle to Nakuru and was paid his money.

For acting a diva, Bamboo couldn’t work with the TNA team for long. In fact Bamboo, Chiwawa and Abbas were called by TNA’s Machel Waikenda and Johnson Sakaja. It was not Bruce Odhiambo who called them. Abbas ended up making over Ksh 4 million from more than 30 performances which he was paid in cash.

I have tried to speak to Bamboo through his 0717-062098 number but he is always in some noisy places and promising to call which he never does.

Bamboo went to USA to search for the American dream. He did all the odd jobs he could and killed his music career. He came back home broke just after Mercy Myra who was also working in a super-market as a cleaner. Mercy Myra realised her mistake and waited for the right time to come back and still be able to enter the USA as a visitor. She has used her former contacts to try and resurrect her music career.

Bamboo seems to be resorting to blackmail hoping that it gives him publicity and rescue his career. He has recently picked on bigwigs like Octopizzo hoping to make a name with wild accusations.

Someone asked Bruce Odhiambo if he was going to sue Bamboo for slander to which the Music Producer answered, “to gain what from Bamboo? Sneakers?

Bruce Odhiambo is reported to be very close to state house as he has been a friend of Uhuru Kenyatta for a long time. They started from the days when Bruce used to stay where the current Nakumatt Prestige Ngong road is. Bruce used to have a private residence and recording studio at the place before relocating to China Centre where he currently has a state-of-the-art recording studio. He is one of the people behind the First Lady marathon to be held on 9th March. He also organised a private birthday party for President Uhuru where some local and foreign musicians were reported to have performed and made a fortune.

Bruce was also behind the UhuRuto inauguration entertainment organisation team where he insisted that artists to be paid not less than Ksh 500,000 each.

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