Exposed: Brand Kenya CEO Mary Luseka Insults Employees

mary luseka, brand kenya
CEO Brand Kenya, Mary Luseka

CEO Brand Kenya, Mary Luseka is conceited and exhibits questionable leadership skills, according to staff members who have further described the 34 year old who took over the board in February 2016 as condescending.

The board was formed under the Trade, Industry and Co-operatives ministry in 2008 with Ms Mary Kimonye as the Chairperson, who Ms Luseka now refers to as an ‘analog grandmother.’

An employee of the board says that the young CEO has made it her mission in life to belittle and insult her juniors every so often. She allegedly throws words like ‘f**k, bull crap, useless good for nothing idiots’ around and her personal favorite one being ‘a**hole.’

The hot-headed boss according to inside sources has occasionally bragged about her ‘sleeping with the chairman,’ Chris Kirubi and other top government officials. Her connections to the powers that be have seen her halt projects like Citizens Engagement, Diaspora Engagement and the County Branding Projects.

She has been accused of throwing tantrums when things do not go her way and interdicting employees who do not toe the line. She has created a hostile working environment that has seen ten out of 28 employees resign.

A source privy to the situation said that she intimidates workers and does not respect the work life balance. She will make calls in the middle of the night, expect one to work till midnight and brags about not having a family and ‘bloody’ children to go home to, the source disclosed.

The CEO, apparently did not meet the minimum qualifications to hold office. Her appointment was confirmed in October 2016, and at the time held a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Sociology from the University of Nairobi. She only got her MBA (minimum requirement) from Strathmore University some two months ago.

An employee of the board has described her as corrupt. She at one particular time demanded that a procurement officer who later resigned to inspect deliveries from DFS whose cost was inflated from Sh2 million to Sh5.3 million.

”If politicians can kill to protect their name, what can’t I do?” she told the procurement officer who she unlawfully dismissed.

Ms Luseka, with over ten years under her belt in Strategy and Marketing, has been accused of occasionally asking the ICT staff to hack the workers’ official and personal emails.

She has also from time to time throws the tribal card, where she asks the ‘Luhyas’ to back her bid at the board.

”You are Luhyas like me, why are not supporting me?” she poses.

Employees want the government that Ms Luseka boasts about having links with, to intervene and rescue and restore Brand Kenya’s lost glory.

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Also making the list of shame is Standard Digital’s Carole Kimutai, who as highlighted by Kahawa Tungu discriminates against her team.

Just like Mary Luseka, Ms Kimutai, is according to the staff looking to run the once highest ranked News Website to the ground.

Standard Digital now leads in Fake news which has significantly dented the websites image and reputation.

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