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Bored At Home Over Coronavirus Pandemic: Here Are Some Virtual Vacations You Can Take Without Travelling


Staying at home all day doing nothing can be exhausting and boring amid the Coronavirus pandemic that has engulfed different regions of the world. Since the virus is spread through contact, the best method to prevent its spread is via self-quarantine and isolation. But even with music, movies, reading books and all the fun activities, life can still be boring.

For instance, schools, restaurants, theatres and even flights have been canceled with movement in and out of borders restricted.

Travel, however, is the best way to stay connected and be able to explore. There are different ways of travel, including virtual vacations.

Therefore, in order to kill the boredom and make working from home fun, you can learn and research about museums, historical and cultural sites among other things at the comfort and safety of your home.

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Here are some of the virtual vacations and adventures you can take while comfortably seated at home:

A). Visit the land of Creation.

The land of creation is believed to be in Jerusalem as it hosts the three main religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. According to online sources, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher stands out in Jerusalem and is located in the Christian Quarter, Old City in Israel.

It is believed that this is the site where Jesus was crucified hence very symbolic to Christians. Ideally, the religious site is said to contain the tomb that Jesus was buried in as well as where he is believed to have been resurrected.

Learning more about this through reading articles and journals and even watching videos gives you a virtual representation of what it’s like hence feels like taking a vacation without necessarily traveling.


B.) Tour the White House.

The White House, located in Washington, D.C is a sight to behold. However, traveling all the way is inadvisable right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can however still take a virtual tour from the comfort of your living room. First, research more about the details of the house, the presidential ceremonial office, the staff offices and how the activities are run in there.

Also, you can discover how the decor, art and furniture have changed over the years depending on the incoming presidents. Ideally, you can make comparisons detailing from the first President of the USA to the current and how things are run and managed differently.

Online sources and videos can give you a glimpse of the Green Room, Red Room, State Dining Room, China Room, Entrance Hall, Cross Hall, East Room, Bluer Room, East Garden Room and man others.


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C.)Virtually Tour The Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon gives one of the best sites though the 360 degrees angle on photography. The images are breathtaking as it stretches to about  227 miles long and averages over ten miles wide.

It also falls under the seven wonders of the world hence details many reviews from people who have physically visited the location. Discovering more about this location introduces you to close to 61 National parks with different species of wild animals.

It is an interesting subject to read and look at hence will help do away with the boredom during the period of self-quarantine.

Looking at a close picture of the Grand Canyon takes you virtually there, especially during the sunsets and sunrises.

The Grand Canyon/Courtesy

D.) Discover Llamas at Machu Picchu.

Animals are generally a sight to behold, be it in a physical location of in a picture. Llamas are one of the most interesting creatures and are considered very social.

They have been proven to be very friendly hence while one is bored or in a sulky mood, a picture or video of them would definitely put you in the right mood.

The Machi Picchu details different species of Llamas with stunning mountain views and sightings. Therefore, watching a documentary on the same or generally discovering more of its sites would feel like a vacation in the comfort of your home.

This comes in handy and serves even children, keeping them glued to the screen or pictures for the fun that comes with it.


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E.)Take a look into the Natural World in Washington, D.C

The Smithsonian National Museum is home to over 125 million artifacts. It is basically referred to as the home of Natural history. A look into this museum equips you with the knowledge you did not know existed. Ideally, the pictures and arts are out of this world hence giving you a glimpse of what exists in other parts of the world.

This is possible at the click of a computer or phone button. It is even easier as there are documentaries that expound on the same. Generally, learning adds more knowledge and gives you the motivation to know more. Hence, this would be a good source of company amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


F.) Explore Amsterdam’s Culture and History at the Rijksmuseum

At this time, any form of knowledge is essentially especially the ones dating back to different histories and cultures.

The Rijksmuseum is one of the most visited sites in Amsterdam, with tourists flocking from different parts of the world to learn and have a view. The building itself is a piece of art, with different architects involved in the construction together with wall art and decor.

The virtual representation of this site is possible through google arts and pics where one can basically have a walkthrough without having to travel all the way to Amsterdam.


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G.) Cruise along the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is categorized among the most impressive and significant archeological human artifact to have existed in history. It details a wide wall that stretches to thousands of miles. Its historical understanding explains that it was built to keep off invaders during trade along the Silk Road.

Ideally, online photos and videos give a glimpse of the wall, with several reviews of people who have visited the place documenting their adventures.

Close-up photos are also very hilarious with accounts of people who have been scared to walk through and finish the journey.


H.) Wander through the Sistine Chapel in Italy.

The Sistine Chapel located in Italy is among the most visited places in the world. However, it is often very crowded and viewing it has proven such a hard hustle.

The easiest way close to viewing it is through looking at photos and videos that give a glimpse of its interior.

The interior is very bright coupled up with different lighting techniques hence easy to navigate through the photos by just clicking the up and down arrows through a computer. This would be a good way to take your mind away from everything happening in the world through appreciating such scenery.


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I.) A look into Guggenheim Museum in New York City

Museums are basically therapy for anything due to the different sites representing arts and paintings.

the Guggenheim museum is located in New York City and counts as the most lively designs to ever been created. Both the interior and exterior are breathtaking, coupled with multiple floors and well-organized artworks.

The museum can also highlight ideas on decorating your house, office or place of work more so during this COVID-19 period where the majority of people are idle and self quarantined at home.


J.) Take a look into the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in New York City

This is the perfect time to virtually imagine you are in New York City right at the comfort of your home. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island should be on everyone who loves traveling wishlist.

the museum accounts for about 40 percent of American family history with the presence of a national park worth visiting.

the images give you an image that you are right there, sight viewing. They are wide and detailed, giving an account of every section.


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K.) Enjoy the Mona Lisa in Paris.

Paris is known to be a place of love and romance. What better way to bring this sight into your living room at the comfort of your couch. The Mona Lisa is usually very congested especially during the weekends hence the best way to enjoy the sight is through photos, images and videos.

You can immerse yourself into the museum gallery and exhibits via virtual reality where you can have a close look at the surroundings and other artworks.

This will most definitely put you in a good mood and kill boredom.


L.) Explore Treasures of England’s British Museum.

This museum is home to different artifacts, arts, history and culture. A virtual tour into the museum documents the Egyptian mummies, the Aztec double-headed serpent sculpture, Easter Island statue among any others.

A look into it ignites a calming and relaxing experience that comes when one is on a vacation.



M.) Visit The Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi.

This is located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with different artworks showcased in the galleries. The arts are uniques as they bear historical meanings and are also used to bridge the gap between the Western and Eastern worlds.

The building itself, the architecture, painting, design and visual identity stand out and give a magnificent view from 3D photos and images.


N.) Tour the Yellow Stone Historic Center

The yellow stone historic center details different artifacts from West Yellowstone history that is friendly for both children and adults. It documents animals and other living creatures that make visiting the place an exciting experience.

You can virtually explore the historic center at the comfort of your couch through touring the main attractions with included additional information on how to visit in person.


These, according to Wendy Altschuler are the best virtual vacations one can take without necessarily having to physically travel.

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