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Bob Collymore is Suffering from Leukemia, to Undergo Treatment in London

KahawaTungu can exclusively reveal that Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and is scheduled to undergo rigorous medical procedures in London.

While we wish Bob well as he seek treatment, the timing of the announcement of his departure has raised questions on why it had to be done concurrent to the announcement of presidential results.

The embattled CEO who has recently faced accusations of corruption, illegal data sharing and adultery involving women who are married, some who are working at Safaricom, was shocked to find out from his doctor that he has the cancer of the blood.

Bob is scheduled to undergo various medical procedures at a London hospital, with Safaricom announcing that he will be relinquishing his position temporarily.

Apart from the disease, Vodacom group seems to be uneasy with Bob Collymore continued stay at Safaricom and so they have looked for an easy way out which doesn’t affect the financial position of the company and its reputation.

Safaricom has faced a barrage of accusations of corruption after it awarded a multibillion media advertising tender to Saracen, who was accused to have used Transcend Media concepts leaked to it by Safaricom to win the tender.

Transcend and Saracen fights have brought in Safaricom as it is widely believed that key Safaricom executives are the indirect owners of Saracen and leaked the former’s creative ideas to Saracen so as to award them the BLAZE contract.

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Transcend Media has also taken Saracen and Safaricom to court over the BLAZE idea which it says was developed at a cost of Ksh 700million.

The fights between Saracen, Transcend and Safaricom have become ugly that at some point protestors blocked the venue of a meeting Bob Collymore was attending in London to protest the corruptions back home.

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It is also reported that the issue got the attention of Vodafone ethics departments which is now tasked with investigating the accusations against Bob.

Coupled with the corruption, most local activists in kenya believes that Safaricom is not giving attention to data security and is now sharing private user data with criminals and assassins without even court warrant.

One common factor emerging from most of the high profile assassinations in Kenya is that they involved targets who were using Safaricom as their main line. Most of them seems to have been monitored, followed and eventually assassinated with private data extracted from their Safaricom line records.

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The lack of data safety on the Safaricom network has prompted Kenyans to ask if Bob Collymore is an active participant in what are believed to be executions by state. The death of Chris Musando, Jacob Juma, MP George Muchai and others have alarmed Kenyans as the circumstances of their deaths indicate that they were carefully profiled using their phones and eventually killed.

Recently, opposition coalition NASA accused top Safaricom executives and technical staff of being actively involved in the riggings of elections which saw the August 2017 vote cancelled by the Supreme court.

NASA through its lawyers demanded the investigation of Thibaud Rerolle (French National Director Technical and IT), Antony Gachanja (Head of Technology Security), Shaka Kwach (Head of Special Projects), Robert Mutai (Head of Technology Strategy, Assurance and Governance), Farouk Gaffour (Head of Network and Services Operations) and Andrew Masila (Senior Manager, Strategy and Architecture).

The mobile phone provider was accused of actively entering fake election data into the IEBC servers after getting access from IEBC. NASA alleged that the sexed figured entered by Safaricom helped IEBC announced Uhuru as the winner in the first round of the elections which was eventually declared null and void.

While NASA demanded access to the servers to help clear the doubts, IEBC refused to cooperate with NASA’s agents.

Besides the assassinations and corruption, Safaricom CEO is known to have a thing for good women. He was accused of taking in a Safaricom staff, Wambui Kamiru, who was then married and had just given birth. They lived together for sometime before eventually marrying in an invite-only wedding.

While married to Wambui, Bob is known to pick a senior executive of Safricom from an exclusive members-only club in Kabete and fly to unknown destinations on several occasions. Golfers at the club have wondered why the two are so close and seem cosy all the time they are together.

It is widely rumoured among the senior Safaricom staff that Bob is not coming back as he was looking for how to safely eject from the now ill-fated Safaricom flight.

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Bob’s position is currently being held by a long time Vodafone executive and current Safaricom CFO, Sateesh Kamath who will also be assisted by Chairman of Safaricom foundation Joseph Ogutu.

While Ogutu would have been a preferred choice, he is known to be a weak leader who is incapable of making hard decisions on matters without fear or favour.

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