Blue Band Spread Is Safe For Consumption – Unilever Assures Kenyans

blue band spread

blue band spread

Unilever Nigeria has responded to a video that has since gone viral showing Blue Band Spread under heat.

A scoop of the margarine is put in boiling water but does not melt.

Critics said that the spread only margarine was “poisoned” as is the sugar that is apparently laced with mercury, copper and lead.

But Unilever has clarified the difference between the Blue Band original margarine and the Spread only variant.

The Spread variant, the company noted is very delicate and sensitive low fat product.

Apparently, the company uses emulsifiers, ingredients commonly used in the manufacture of food and confectionery, made from vegetable oils which helps to bind the low fat, water and other constituents together to prevent separation.

As a result of using the emulsifiers, the Spread for bread variant is very stable and does not easily melt at high temperatures.

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Unilever further reveals that when using Blue Band Spread for bread for cooking, it will not melt like the original variant, hence the recommendation to solely use it for Spreading only.

“We wish to assure our customers and stakeholders that Unilever remains committed to the highest standard of manufacturing process, marketing and sales. Unilever products are and continue to be made to the highest quality standards that meets both local and global guidelines for our customers’ optimal satisfaction,” read Unilever’s statement in part.

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