Barclays Kenya Upgrades its ATM’s Interface to Deliver Video

Barclays Bank of Kenya has launched a new interface on its ATMs to deliver video. The new capabilities will see the bank deliver relevant promotions through its ATM network. If you visit any Barclays ATM now, you will see the dancing ATM which is just one such promotion. All the 230 plus ATM machines in the Barclays network have been upgraded to this capability.

Nuru Mugambi, Barclays Kenya’s head of Corporate Communication says “This is basically like a move from DOS to Windows for the Banking Sector and Barclays clients should expect more”

Techies in Kenya have complained that the financial sector is so stuck with old technologies with banking systems not inspiring at all. Most of the ATM machines in the banking network in Africa are second hand and does not meet the current tech challenges. That is why the most advanced Banking crime prevalent in the banking sector in Kenya is card scheming as the ATM machines deliver nothing beyond the basic card functions.

Barclays bank is said to have just imported one intelligent ATM machine which will be installed in the country. The bank is said to be doing configuration for the same. NCR has entered an agreement with Barclays to supply approximately 4 intelligent ATM machines in Kenya to replace the aging machines. An insider intimates that the bank will spend close to Ksh 6 Million per intelligent machine supplied by NCR.

KCB started installing intelligent ATMs in 2010 with 12 machines delivered in the year more expected to be delivered by the end of 2011.

The Barclays ATMs will not be able to offer the current technology where ATM users can talk to remote tellers through the respective ATM machines. Bank of America is one such institution testing the technology.

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