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ATTACKERS Leave ODM Communication Boss Philip Etale PARALYSED

Armed attackers attempted to kidnap ODM Director of Communications Philip Etale las night in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

According to eye witnesses, Philip was from a popular eatery, Ranalo Foods, when men in a saloon car blocked his path while he was crossing the road and attempted to kidnap him before speeding off when the plan failed.

Philip was left blinded on both eyes. He was rushed to Nairobi hospitals and treated. Doctors found no life threatening injuries.

Philip was accompanied by blogger Phelix G-Cord who attempted to run after the speeding attackers who sped off. The incident happened around 10pm when the duo were from Ranalo where they had food.

The party ODM has been facing a host of issues after conducting what has been mostly condemned as a sham nomination exercise. Some losers in the nominations have accused key Orange house officials of being behind their fall.

A good number of Orange House officials have not been reporting to work as they fear being attacked by goons who are hired by the losers.

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