As Safaricom Ends “Unlimited Data” Offerings, Here Are the Alternatives

Safaricom has given up on unlimited internet bundles. We fought but the queen bee is determined not to have her clients enjoy the services. So now everyone is planning a migration because for an economy like Kenya, unlimited data bundle will better the bottom line of the subscribers earnings which means that they might have more to spend on mobile network services.

This is the only way average revenue per user  (ARPU) for the mobile operators might increase. ARPU is decreasing so fast all over. The problem is that our network providers would rather be leeches than seek to empower subscribers and make them earn more.

Here are the alternatives to Safaricom’s unlimited data bundles

Airtel Kenya Unlimited

Time Base Packs 

Prices (Ksh) 

Validity Duration

One Day Pack 150 24 Hours
One Week Pack 750 7 Days
One Month Pack 2,990 30 Days

Airtel Kenya’s 3G unlimited is throttled at 1.2Mbps which is better.

Orange Kenya’s 3G Unlimited Bundles

Prepaid Offers



Weekly Offer  990 7 Days
Monthly Offer 2,990 30 Days

Orange Kenya throttles their speeds at 512Kbps after 20GB. That is very competitive.

yuMobile Data Offerings

Modem Bundles

30 Days Unlimited 499 *121*2*7*1#

Non-Modem Bundles

Data @ 50Cts 50Cts/Min *121*2*1#
Unlimited Daily 39 *121*2*4#
Weekend Pack 49 *121*2*5#
10MB 7 *121*2*2#
25MB 15 *121*2*3#


If you are a mobile user and you are mostly on Facebbook and Twitter, yuMobile’s data will be the best for you. They don’t have high-speed internet but they serve a low-end user whose budget for data services is not that large.

This means that Airtel Kenya still has the most competitive offering in unlimited bundle. I am 100% sure that Safaricom will come back begging with new 3G bundles. To protect their network, Safaricom should have even erased the daily and weekly unlimited bundle and left only the monthly unlimited.

Written by Robert

Respected Kenyan blogger, tech evangelist, and social justice activist. Robert is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle @RobertAlai or Facebook page (


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