Arsenal Unveil Next Season’s Home Kit, Hit or Miss? (Photos)

A fixture to the end of the season, Arsenal have unleashed their kit for the 2020-21 Premier League season.

The Gunners are expected to adorn the Adidas made kit when they face Watford in their season finale on Sunday.

Arsenal home kit
Arsenal Unveils Next Season’s Home Kit. (Courtesy)

In a statement, German sports apparel maker Adidas, stressed the importance of home as a fortress.

“This is home. Arsenal’s home at Emirates Stadium is the source of our confidence, where we are our best and truest selves. It’s where we feel most comfortable, most confident, most ready. It gives us the power to embrace uncertainty, overcome adversity and take chances. Our shared history, values and purpose keeps us true to ourselves, sees us through any storm and helps us create positive change together.”

Arsenal home kit

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