Arrest Tribal Hegemony Before it Grows into an Unmanageable Monster

With Kikuyu 1st, 3rd and 4th in the presidency, Kenyans should be wary of the tribal hegemony they are solidifying in the national platform.

It starts with the uncertain and controversial re-election of Uhuru Kenyatta for a second term, which barring any surprises from the Supreme Court, means another Kikuyu now embarks on another five year term that will eventually total 25 years if added with 15 years his father the late Jomo Kenyatta ruled Kenya. It may be a biological accident but the fact Uhuru was born in accident for st family, primarily set him up to be president. In other words, a political dynasty.

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What makes this Uhuru re-election unique and tragic, is that Jubilee have gone ahead and re-nominated Justin Muturi, a Kikuyu, to be Speaker of the National Assembly effectively third in power according to the constitution. So the dark question arises as to whether the singular job of minority communities is to vote for dominant communities.

One cannot help but notice steadily rising hegemony – in the executive and legislative arms of government – that is accumulating and solidifying in state and economic power. It is a recipe for future disharmony. Kikuyu are not only first in state power but also third. They also controls key positions in the key government dockets complimented by an extremely domineering grip in the commercial sector.

Some may argue that Kenya is a free economy within a multiparty democracy. The reality on the ground is increasing resentment and murmurs about if Kenya is a nation of more than 43 communities?

To make it worse, Kenyatta the president is actively practising poor tokenism by, for instance, making appointments of ethnic Luos such as Raychell Omamo and Raphael Tuju into cabinet in an attempt to cover-up Jubilee leadership tribalism and to hide the open secret that Jubilee is a coalition made up of two tribes.

Clearly, with the country being urged to move on from the election, a disturbing picture emerges of a tribal elite consolidating and expanding its hegemony over Kenya socio-economic prism. We now have the makings of an old African problem: Tribalism, nepotism and crony-ism.

The ever proud Kikuyu in power who arr now are urged to change attitudes, use their superior numbers to support national initiatives and reforms that recognise and reward minorities. Kikuyu and Kalenjin are to eschew these surging feelings of infallibility, superiority and endless hegemony and show some humility and willingness to cohabit with other Kenyans.

For instance if you arrest Robert Alai who is a Luo for alleged hate speech and detain him the filthy police cells only to release him after two days without charge, then the same treatment should be meted on David Ndii a Kikuyu when he is arrested for criminal offences.

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