Apple Store is Back Up With 10 Hrs Battery On MacBook Pro

The Apple Store has just gone live after a long period of being offline. Confirming the rumours and now features a new group of Macbook Pros, all ffitted with new Intel i5 and i7 processors. The 13-inch models still has Core2Duo technology. It, 13 inch model, will have faster Intel Core Duo processors, 4GB RAM, 10 hours of battery life and an NVIDIA G-Force 320M graphics card.

The graphics now boast 48 processing cores, which makes them a worth adding to your office if you are a designer.

Available in two flavours, the 2.4GHz model with 250GB storage will be priced at USD 1,199 and the 2.66GHz model with a 320GB hard drive will cost USD 1,499.

Full details on the Macbook Pro website.

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